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Anthony Waller 

CEO & Co-Founder

Anthony Waller, CEO, Athlete To Athlete. Sports Recruiting, Mentorship, Division 1 Athletics NIL

About Anthony:

Los Angeles, CA, UCLA Football

Leadership & Team Building

Fitness & Nutrition

Performing Arts

Guitar/Musical Recording

Anthony is the CEO & Co-Founder of Athlete To Athlete, and a former football student-athlete for the University of California, Los Angeles.  He is currently taking time away from his studies at UCLA to pursue Athlete To Athlete full-time. 


"I believe that sincere, creative teamwork is what fundamentally drives the success of any group or company. Leading and fostering that type of teamwork is one of my greatest strengths and what I love doing most."


Anthony enrolled at UCLA as an academic student, passing on several athletic offers including The California Institute of Technology for baseball, and Columbia University for Wrestling.  After attending a few football games his freshman year, Anthony realized that although he had never considered kicking at the college level, his ability in high school was not far from where it needed to be to compete at a Division 1 University.  After months of training on his own with no response from any of the coaches, dozens of attempts to meet with someone at the Wasserman Football Facility on campus, and many unanswered emails and letters, he was finally given the amazing and rare opportunity to try out as a walk-on for the Bruins.  

Anthony was a place kicker for the UCLA Bruins for 2 seasons, and during this time, he realized that his failure to be recruited to a big Division 1 sports school directly out of  high school was not because of a lack of athletic ability or motivation, but a lack of knowledge about the training and recruiting process.  Guidance from  someone who had recently been through the recruiting process would have not only greatly simplified his own process, but also reduced stress and frustration.  If Anthony had a mentor, he likely would not have resorted to being a walk-on, and would have had many more options at a much younger age.  Athlete To Athlete was built to ensure that others do not have Anthony’s  experience.  His mission is to provide all aspiring collegiate athletes access to the information and the mentors they need to help them reach their full potential both on and off the field.  


Previously at UCLA, Anthony  has held other leadership positions as President of The Bruin Sports Business Association, as well as simultaneously holding the Presidency of The Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity.  Aside from leading organizations, Anthony remains extremely passionate about fitness and is a self-taught guitarist who enjoys playing and writing songs.  He has used the gym and his music as emotional and creative outlets since his time as a Division 1 athlete, and he continues to push himself physically and mentally in the weight room and in his art.  You can read more about Anthony and his experiences on his LinkedIn profile below.

Anthony Waller UCLA Football , CEO, Athlete To Athlete. Sports Recruiting, Mentorship, Division 1 Athletics NIL
Anthony Waller and Zach Maisus, Co-Founders of Athlete To Athlete

Anthony with his Co-Founder Zach Maisus

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