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Halston Valencia

Social Media Manager


About Halston:

Los Angeles, CA, UCLA/Chapman University 



Surfing/Free Diving



Halston's background in business and marketing at Chapman University and her interest in film at UCLA have led her to realize that her passion lies in the entertainment industry and in digital marketing.  The intersection of these two sectors has always been of particular interest to her, and she is grateful that she has chosen to attend universities that are among the best in the world in these categories.  


Halston chose to study business and film with the goal of a career in creative production, and hopes to gain a comprehensive understanding of the business principles that align with the industry.  


"My early meetings with Anthony and Zach made it clear that they were two of the most driven and ambitious individuals I had ever encountered, and I immediately knew that I wanted to be part of their team.  Thanks to my experience as a former high school athlete, I recognize the importance of guidance during the recruitment and admissions process, and I was delighted to discover Athlete To Athlete could offer such a valuable resource to younger students. I joined Athlete To Athlete because I truly believe this mentoring program is the best way to assist high school students during the college recruitment and admissions process. "

Halston is a member of the UCLA women's Rugby team where she plays wing, the most recent chapter in her life long passion for sports.  Growing up she also participated in Ju-Jitsu, soccer, volleyball and basketball.  You can read more about Halston and her experiences on her LinkedIn and see how she answered the questions we asked our team below.  


Hear From Halston

What Inspired you to be a part of the Athlete To Athlete Team?

"Athlete To Athlete appealed to me because I believe there is a knowledge gap in the recruiting process for high schools that must be filled, and I wanted to be part of a company that serves that purpose."

What has your experience been like being a part of Athlete To Athlete while also being enrolled at a competitive university?

Being a part of Athlete To Athlete while enrolled at UCLA and Chapman has been an amazing experience, particularly because I have the rare opportunity to work directly with other like-minded students on a project that I am passionate about. 

What do you believe is the most impactful part of having mentors and role models?

The greatest benefit of mentors and role models is that they help people visualize what
their goals are and take the first small steps towards accomplishing them.  

What lasting impact do you hope Athlete To Athlete will have?

It is my hope that Athlete To Athlete will provide a mentoring network to thousands of high school athletes who will be able to assist them with their recruiting processes, personal growth, and academic achievements.

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