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Nate Roy

Cornell University 


About Nate:

Hometown: Clinton, PA, South Side HS

Nate is currently a Senior Football player at Cornell University who is running an independent research project through Cornell’s medical school.  In April of 2023 he accepted a position at Harvard Medical School working under Dr. Paolo Cassano studying photobiomodulation.  He has previously studied concussions through analyzing neuroimaging data and his work was accepted to be presented in Glasgow, Scotland, at a worldwide conference in 2022.  His work was also accepted for presentations in Montreal and Washington D.C. last summer.  

His path to this success began at Oberlin where he played a year of Division 3 football, before walking onto the team at Cornell.  He proved himself by starring in several junior varsity contests, earning his spot the hard way.  In the last two years, he has fought through a torn intercostal muscle, an ACL sprain, and a fractured spinal vertebrae, yet he is still ready to suit up this coming Fall and for two more years thanks to his extra eligibility post-covid. 

Nate is no stranger to mentorship; he has previously coached youth football for 4 years, and is coaching a High School Track & Field team this Spring.  He has also worked as a peer mentor at Ithaca High School while attending Cornell, along with tutoring students who are preparing for the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT),  on which he scored in the 98th percentile.  He is planning to attend Harvard medical school and become a physician-scientist in neuropsychiatry.  

As a mentor at Athlete To Athlete, he aims to change the narrative that athletes, and especially football players, can't excel in the classroom.  "Some of the hardest workers and most skilled people I've met are athletes, and this drive can easily be applied to other aspects of life."  He is excited to show younger athletes that the hardest worker in the room wins every time, not only in sports.

You can learn more about him on The Cornell University Football roster below.

Position:       Safety
Year:             Senior
Major:           Pre-Med



Fitness & Nutrition


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